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Interview from La Rioja Drum Festival.

Thanks to the guys at Batacas.com

Rodney at Jazzaar Festival in Aarau Switzerland, April 7 through 12:

Rodney will be playing at the Jazzaar Festival in Aarau Switzerland. Rodney will perform in FUTURE STEPS with THE SWISS YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA in Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau, Saal 1 Directed by Fritz Renold featuring: Mike Mainieri – vibes, Randy Brecker – tp, Markus Hauser – ts, Kevin Bryan – ltp, Christian Kramer – tb, Christian Jacob – k, Alphonso Johnson – b, and Rodney Holmes – d. Click the SHOWS page for more details!

Recording and production
Rodney has been busy tracking drums for a very diverse group of extremely talented artists. Currently, Rodney is tracking for a fantastic hard rock band called E.D.K. Rodney is also tracking for guitar virtuoso and singer, Jimi Tunnell. The drums are being recorded for both E.D.K and Jimi Tunnel at Rodney’s home studio. The music of E.D.K is more on the heavier (Hard Rock) side of things. While Jimi Tunnell’s musical influences range from Weather Report to Peter Gabriel and beyond!

On the production and writing side of things, Rodney is producing a track for the very talented singer songwriter, Nastya Ki. Nastya’s music is more towards the E.D.M. (Electronic Dance Music) genre, but with a mixture of live musicians and acoustic drums. Rodney will also be writing and producing an album for singer extraordinaire, Valeria Araskina.

Upcoming Albums
Rodney will be tracking drums, as well as doing some co-writing for Jim Weider’s up coming album in 2014. Preproduction has already started ramping up. Jim Weider’s Project Percolator will be embarking on some exciting new musical directions with this next album.

And of course Rodney is in full writing and preproduction mode for the new LITHIUM TREE album. The album will also be released in 2014.

videos and interviews
We are working on a series of videos that will be centered around Lithium Tree. You’ll get to see footage of the band rehearsing and working out some of the material for the new album. There will also be video focused more on Rodney’s drumming, concepts and ideas. Interviews with Rodney, along with the rest of the band will also be filmed. These videos will be posted here and on Rodney’s Youtube channel sometime in the early part of 2014.




Rodney In Tokyo Japan