Lithium Tree

Lithium Tree (small rendered transparent) copy

“Lithium Tree is a new band created by drummer, composer, producer, Rodney Holmes. Lithium Tree could fall into many different genres, but it’s mostly a hybrid of Electronica, Dance music, and what some would consider to be Progressive Rock. Sometimes it sounds like the coolest movie soundtrack you would ever want to hear, but Lithium Tree is a new band with many layers. Fat grooves, lush sounds, memorable songs and completely original.” – Anonymous friend !

People have asked me over and over what LITHIUM TREE is, and I’ve always struggled to answer that question. A very good friend of mine seemed to sum it up way better than I ever could in the description above, so I just copied what he wrote. Regardless of the description, we hope you take this musical journey with us.

The band is in the process of rehearsing, and we have already started preproduction for a new CD. I am thankful to have such a great group of guys contributing to this and we are all very excited about it. For those of you who are familiar with Twelve Months Of October, this band and the new CD will be an extension of that. I like to describe it as an evolutionary step. It will be different, but very clearly related.

The current members of LITHIUM TREE are..

Jim Kost (Keyboards)

Bill Titus (Guitar)

Ken Dow (Bass)

Rodney Holmes (Drums, and occasional Vocals)

We will be adding more and more content on this page as we add finishing pieces to the site.
So keep checking back for much more Lithium Tree news!


Ghost // Rodney Holmes - Axiom
  1. Ghost // Rodney Holmes - Axiom
  2. Hallow’s Eve // Rodney Holmes - Twelve Months Of October