12 Months Of October


ALSO AVAILABLE ON iTUNES  Twelve Months Of October - Rodney Holmes


Customer reviews from CDbaby.com:
author: John Kerr  “What a great album! Aside from the blatantly lyrical drumming,  you have catchy melodic riffs, texture, mood,  Tony Williams-like drum solo interludes.  His playing is so unique and personal.  These are not songs that are just platforms  for rhythmic pyrotechnics…they are just really good songs.  Current/modern. If you like his performance  at MD 2005 you will absolutely LOVE this cd.”
author: Richard “A very refreshing album.  The combination of superb musicianship  with the interesting blend of electronica  and rock make this a very interesting and charismatic cd.”   
Ghost // Rodney Holmes - Axiom
  1. Ghost // Rodney Holmes - Axiom
  2. Hallow’s Eve // Rodney Holmes - Twelve Months Of October