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"I consider it a privilege that i can collaborate with such a great drummer like Rodney Holmes. Rodney enhances every track with his superb playing and adds a dimension which shapes the music, and brings out the very best of it  in every way and is very inspiring .His creative drumming has so many details, that the pulsating groove is enriched with another dimension, which is hard to describe in words. The sound quality of the drum recordings out of his studio is of outstanding quality and equally superb as his playing. All the signals can be very easily processed in the mix. The raw unprocessed recordings of the drums sound already fantastic .It is awesome and I'm very happy that with today's modern recording and communicating technology, such great drum recordings can be done from thousands of miles apart. I'm looking forward to share many more tracks with Rodney."

Thomas Motter KEYBOARDIST, SONGWRITER, PRODUCER Heidelberg / Germany